About Us

Mission Statement:

     Central Fire Protection District #4 provides services to the citizens of the Central Community in the protection of life and property from the perils of fire and other emergencies. These services are provided through the execution of the latest methods of rescue, first-aid, and firefighting.

The Central Fire District was established in 1972, and was given the responsibility of providing fire protection to the northeastern part of East Baton Rouge Parish. The Central Fire District maintains 5 stations in an area that encompasses over 60 square miles, protecting approximately 35, 000 people, 9,500 residential homes, 400 businesses, and over one billion dollars worth of property.

The Central Fire District is a combination paid/volunteer fire department with 29 full-time employees and 15 contract employees and 4 volunteers who help man five Central Fire stations 24 hours a day.

The Central Fire District currently has a Class 3 Insurance Rating, saving millions of dollars per year to residents through reduced insurance premiums. The Central Fire District is currently working toward lowering that rating to a Class 2. A Class 2 rating will provide additional lowering of insurance premium rates that will allow more savings for the citizens in the Central Fire District.

The Central Fire District is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners. Members of the Board of Commissioners are appointed by the East Baton Rouge Parish Metropolitan Council. The Board of Commissioners set policies for the department, and approves and oversees the department’s operating budget. The Board meets monthly, and the meetings are open to the public.

The Central Fire District has one of the lowest property tax millages and per capita cost of any other fire district in East Baton Rouge Parish. The Central Fire District operates from a 10 mil tax, $32 service fee, and a 5 mil property tax that went into effect in 2004. The 5 mil property tax is dedicated to salaries and capital improvement projects. Central Fire Station House

The Central Fire District responded to 2347 calls in 2010, and with the continued growth in the District emergency responses are steadily increasing.